Thor 2014

Thor 2014

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I’ve reread Straczynski’s Thor comics and can’t help but imagine Amora and Lady Loki as bitch buddies.

I’ve reread Straczynski’s Thor comics and can’t help but imagine Amora and Lady Loki as bitch buddies.

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onvavoirr replied to your photoset “Mermaid fairies, Maleficent, wood people, and blah…”

your faces are amazing but the boobs….why XD


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Mermaid fairies, Maleficent, wood people, and blah…

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petitcanard said:
Hello! I just wanted to say how much I love your art and your work on design, it's amazing <3 Also, could I maybe ask you where you studied, which college/university? >///<

I’m so sorry for the late reply. I was on holiday till yesterday.
First of all thank you! That’s so nice! :D
I studied Informationdesign in Graz (Austria) on the FH Joanneum for applied siences. However I wasn’t that satisfied with the studies because it’s just a overview of all the media tools (video, 3D, html, print design,… and NO ART or DRAWING! Dafuq?)

Currently I’m working as a graphic artist intern at a Game development company in Germany and I’ve learned so much more than in my studies!

University is so different from the “real life job”. It’s good to start studying but you also have to work on own projects. But if you have a passion for something it is not so hard to be proactive.
Hope this helped! :)

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poisoned-calla said:
Hello there! Your art is absolutely one of my favourite things on tumblr. I would gladly pay to see a graphic novel made by you - every time I look at your myth, ginger Loki I think you'd be the right person to create illustrations for some Norse myths. Anyway, you're brilliant! :)

Wow this is probably one of the most beautiful messages I’ve received. Thank you so much!
I have a strong need to draw some myth comics so that motivated me further. (and I need more practice oh well )

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Just purchased my first lot of feathers and a base piece to start working on litzebitz's design of a feather cloak for Loki. (With permission, of course.)

I have a feeling this is going to take me forever, purely due to cosplay funds. I think my last feather cloak (For my Snow White & The…

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Anonymous said:
I love your art. It's beautiful.

Oh my thank you! Thank you so much sweet anon

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My redhead accidentally transformed into Ygritte. Well

My redhead accidentally transformed into Ygritte. Well

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sabrajay said:
Hi Litzebitz! I adore all of your art and I'm not sure why I wasn't following you before now?? I was wondering if I might be able to have a crack at creating the feather cloak you've drawn for Loki... I'm in love with your design but I wanted to check with you first because I don't want to overstep any design/artist boundaries! Thank you c:

My god are you serious!? Of coUrSe PleaSE YES! That sounds awesome! Thank you for the ask! If you ever plan to upload it anywere could you send me a link?

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There is a lack of Amora on my dash

There is a lack of Amora on my dash

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Can&#8217;t stop won&#8217;t stop drawing her

Can’t stop won’t stop drawing her

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Woooh I finally did an interpretation of a young Freyja [x] (which I wanted to do since a long time). Of course with her feather cloak and cats.

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AoA genderbend

AoA genderbend

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