Marvel women in evening gowns!
Reference/Inspiration used for some dresses.
Check them out! They are awesome!

Natascha: Black Dress [x]
Lady Loki: Black Dress [x]
Pepper: Dress (back) [x]
Leah: Black Dress (Kid Leah) [x] | Green Dress (Teen Leah) [x]

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se-osiris said:
Hi, I think of myself as a digital artist, but I truly think I suck, I would like to ask a master such as yourself for some pointer on how to create great masterpieces like yours :-)

Hello and sorry for the late reply!
Oh gods thank you but I don’t see any masterpieces haha.
The truth is I almost never color with photoshop. I think digital art is INCREDIBLY hard so half of my work is done with tratitional techniques like Copic Marker or ink. My digital pieces look way more plain than the tratitional. So I don’t know if I’m the best person to give some advice for digital art. However here are some very EASY ways to use photoshop which I use at the moment.

Comparison (Digital art is hard! At least for me)

1) Brushes
Use the default photoshop brushes and change the brush settings for your liking. Just toy around with the options. Use layers for different parts of the picture (outline-layer, skin-layer, skin-shadow-layer…). There are a lot of fancy brushes you can download but your drawing can get messed up pretty easy if you do not know how to handle them. (which is why I hardly use them…) My advice is to not fool around with the airbrush brushes or settings too much to avoid a totaly blurry and psychedelic picture. Use them when you feel like you have some control over them.

2) Textures & Layer Options
Textures are perfect to create some structure. I mostly use self made textures (scan old paper, inked backgrounds, whatever is needed).
Place it on a new layer and set the layer option to multiply (for example). The texture will “melt” into the color. Treat the texture with the eraser tool or with other colors/brushes if needed.
I used the default photoshop brushes and textures for Lady Loki:

I often use simple pencil drawings and use the layer options to paint on them. Pretty easy. Now you know my dirty secret.



3) Reference & Inspiration

It is allowed to use a reference! It is not cheating. How should you know how to draw something if you’ve never looked at it in detail? (anyway if you use a pose from a photo don’t claim that you’ve drawn it from imagination)

Gather inspiration! Work from other artists, photography, fashion photography, nature, pictures of your favourite celebrity EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOUR HEART SKIP A BEAT.
I gather inspiration in a separate tumblr [x] since it is very convenient and tumblr is an awesome resource for awesome pictures because tumblr is awesome. Yeah…

Remember that the internet is not the only way to gather pictures! Go out and draw in the park, in the woods or on a highway. Life is the greatest source for inspiration.

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stealthycosplay said:
Do you sell any of your art? Because I would LOVE a picture of Sif for my craft room! If you can't tell by my picture on here, I freaking love her!

Hi! Thank you very much! Unfortunately I don’t sell any fan art prints. However I do commissions on (fan)arts [x] I’m pretty much overloaded with work right now so that may take some time. (But… I would totally squeeze Sif between my schedule because I love her! hehe)

If you’re just interested in any fan art that is shown on my tumblr I can share a high quality file for free. I do that since I made the fanart just for myself and not because I wanted to gain any money by it.
Just let me know which one and I’ll send a link. ;)

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agaetliga said:
screeee i am in love with your artttt! you should draw more sif (because of completely unbiased reasons!)

Oh gods yes I have to draw her more often. She is so perfect and beautiful and badass!

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Thor & Sif

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suis0u replied to your post: Sorry for not answering to any message…

I’m sure nobody will be mad about. You have your reasons and.. well, a life to live besides tumblr. I hope you can enjoy Hamburg. It’s a beautiful city~.

Aww that was beautifully written! Thank you and I’ll do that :)

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Sorry for not answering to any messages! My laptop broke and I just moved to Hamburg (which is 1.089 km away from home so yeah I’m kinda freaking out!)

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Guess which game is to blame that I took so long

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How to de-stress with food

How to de-stress with food

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Finally fitting the clothes
(more feather cloak stuff )

I would be most pleased if the MCU updated Loki’s costume to Frigga’s feathered cloak.

((*whispers* Actually the feather cloak is Freyja's and there's a difference between the two goddesses but okay

This is still very nice.))

((*Whispers back I actually knew that but I couldn’t help reblogging good art of the boys being cute”)) 

Eh, for something like this I say let the accuracy of the mythos slide in favor of an absolutely ADORABLE portrait of these three.

Thank you for pointing that out!
I usually pictured that little Loki dressed up in Freyja’s cloak (since little Thor got a guards helmet and not Odins) and Frigga was just the one who found them. My mistake that I’ve forgotten to add that.

In fact it is said that both Frigga and Freyja have feather cloaks. They have many similarities (highest goddess of the Aesir/Vanir, called upon assistance in child birth, …) which is why people often confuse those two.
Loki borrows Freyja’s feather cloak in the poem Þrymskviða. [x]
I can’t find a myth of Frigga in her cloak which is why I don’t know if their attributes were mixed ages ago by mistake because of the shared myths between the two goddesses or not. It may be wrong that Frigga is in possession of one.

I’ll just add this here because I don’t want to spread inaccurate information.

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Anonymous said:
What your favorite issue of the comics?

Uhm which comics? I know a lot of comics but if you mean Marvel’s Thor it would be Michael Straczynski’s ‘Thor‘ and/or Kieron Gillen’s ‘Journey into Mystery‘.

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Finally fitting the clothes
(more feather cloak stuff )

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